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Business Legal Structure

January 9, 2019

Once the business plan is in place, you get to move on to the even less romantic part — the paperwork and legal activities. This includes things like determining the legal structure of your business, nailing down your business name, registering with the government, and — depending on your business structure and industry — getting […]

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Home Based Business

December 2, 2018

Starting and growing a small business might be your passion project, but running it from home can be a lot to handle — especially when you consider the additional risks. And consider this — a home insurance policy may not be enough to protect your business assets. For example, your policy likely won’t cover any […]

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How to Exit Your Small Business

November 10, 2018

The decision to exit your small business is a tough one. Whether you choose to sell, transfer to family or friends, or wind the business down, it’s not usually as simple as closing the doors. There are legal, tax, financial and even emotional considerations you should be aware and plan for well before you walk […]

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Advantages of Technology in Manufacturing

October 11, 2018

The evolution of Manufacturing Industry and Processes could be traced along the same lines as that of IT Industry. One of the basic and common factors in the evolution cycle of these industries is the reducing Human Interface. From manual manufacturing processes of yesterday, the industry today has made a shift towards and has started […]

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How Whale Culture Changes Over Time

September 6, 2018

The new research shows that two humpback whale populations in different ocean basins (the South Atlantic and Indian Oceans) in the Southern Hemisphere sing similar song types, but the amount of similarity differs across years. This suggests that males from these two populations come into contact at some point in the year to hear and […]

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